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At VRI we have been part of the exhibition industry for over 25 years, providing quality exhibition stands for businesses in the Leicester area. We have worked with some high profile clients over the past few years creating stands that can be used at a range of shows across the country and even beyond. Creating exhibition stands for LG Electronics, Kangol and Caterpillar as well as a host of other well-known global brands means that we have built a wealth of experience working with a variety of different industries.

We have been involved in creating exhibition stands in a range of different sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of your business. No matter whether you are looking for a one off piece or require something portable to take around the country and display at different events we have the solution for you.

Specialists in Exhibition Furniture

Creating bespoke exhibition furniture means that we really rely on our customer service and communicating with your brand to ensure that all your functionality needs are met. Our highly skilled team members have all built a wealth of experience to assist you with every aspect of the design. We have been a part of a range of projects from the very large and interactive to the smaller more intimate stands.

If you are in the Leicester area and want to know more information about our exhibition stands then why not give us a call today on 07813 300906 or leave a message via the contact form.

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