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How Can Your Office Design Affect Employee Morale?

If you are wondering why your employees or co-workers appear  de-motivated, or lack productivity, then the answer could lie in your office design. Surprising as it may seem, the way in which your work space is laid out can have a significant effect on how people behave when they are there.

One important factor in office space design is light. Natural light is crucial to creating a more positive atmosphere. Employees can spend up to half their waking life in an office, usually in front of a computer screen. That amount of time can be damaging to mood and morale, if it is all spent in a windowless space, underneath artificial light. The eye also functions much better in natural light, helping with productivity and concentration.

As well as light, space is crucial. Employees need space to work in, but they also need to feel that they are not hemmed in and restricted. If an office space is defined by a lack of light and space, it can soon start to feel much like a prison. Ensure that there are plenty of windows, and add more if it is possible. An extra sense of space and light can be created by fitting skylights or sun windows into the roof.

Knocking down partitions can help to create more space too, and make the environment feel more collaborative. Relationships between workers will improve if they are in an office where each of them has their own space, but are still interacting with others on a regular basis. It can also be a good idea to have certain areas set aside for collaborative working, allowing people to maintain their personal space whilst still being in contact with colleagues.

Lastly, your office space needs to be kept clean and tidy. As well as making sure that cleaners can do their job properly, it is also a good idea to introduce some rules for employees to make sure that their workspaces are maintained. If things slip, it can lead to a worryingly swift shift in attitudes to work and the workplace. Rules can be discussed with employees, so that they have a part in creating a consensus as to what procedures they should follow.

So an office design requires light, space and cleanliness; those three concepts are crucial to maintaining a positive working environment. To find out more about how office design can inspire productivity, or to place your order, give us at VRI Shopfitters a call today!