3 Reasons You Should Refurbish Your Office Interior

Posted on 16th December 2015 by VRi

If your office has not been refurbished for years, you could probably do the office space and your staff a favour by having an office facelift done. If you are still thinking about saving money and letting your office interiors be as they are, here are 3 very good reasons why refurbishment should be a priority.

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How Can Refurbishing Your Retail Store Attract More Customers?

Posted on 29th August 2013 by VRi

A retail store that has not been refurbished tends to fall into traps and patterns that are unavoidable. Regardless of how many marketing or promotional campaigns you run, your staff will repeat the same merchandising. On the other hand, if you refurbish your retail outlet, with a new floor plan, different lighting and new fixtures, it will force your staff to rethink the merchandising plan, thereby fostering creativity. When there is creativity on display, more customers would naturally get attracted towards the store, thereby resulting in increased sales. Continue reading →

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